Should we still ice injuries?

We have all been guided by the RICE regime for the treatment of acute joint sprains or muscle strains. Rest Ice Compression Elevation. However recent research cautions against the overuse of ice. Research has found that the application of ice may in fact prevent the healing of an injury. The acronym RICE should possibly include a lower case “i”, RiCE, as ice is being seriously overused in the treatment of sprains and strains. Studies have shown that there is a lack of evidence that ice promotes the healing of injuries (The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2013). Researchers caution against the use of ice to soothe inflamed injuries, as inflammation is in fact an essential part of the healing process. In an article entitled “RICE- the end of the ice…
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Bad Posture leads to Pain

Bad Posture leads to Pain We all inherit the genes for certain postural types from our parents. If we are lucky, we inherit good genes and we naturally have a good posture. However, you only need to look around you and observe people in the street, supermarket or movie queues to notice that a large majority of people do not have good posture. There are  distinct postural types that we can inherit, and depending on which postural category you fall into, it can mean that certain joints in your body will take more strain than other joints, and are more likely to develop long term strain and degenerative changes the older one becomes. The good news is that the sooner we are alerted to bad postural habits, and ways to…
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